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Metric / Data Analyst
Job Title: Metric / Data Analyst
Job Code:
Emp Type: Full-Time
Start Date:

Open Date: 28-Feb-2018

Close Date: Open until filled

Agency: Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)

Position: Metric / Data Analyst

Positions Available: 1

Work Location: Arlington, Virginia

Clearance Level: Secret

Citizenship: US Citizen

Travel: Local



  • Assist in the analytics and meeting preparations for Agency senior level meetings such as the Quarterly Management Reviews, the quarterly Security Cooperation Business Forums, and approximately quarterly Performance Management Senior Working Group meetings.
  • Access Agency standard information systems to prepare and download recurring reports. Access data from other sources, such as Internet, library, or other records.
  • Collect data sent by email from stakeholders, or arriving by other means. This data usually arrives in spreadsheets, Word documents, or email text.
  • Transfer data into standard Excel templates which produce histograms, scatter diagrams, trend diagrams, pie charts, and other representations of business statistical data.
  • Prepare PowerPoint slide decks and a variety of handout types using data from recurring reports, standard templates, and input from other stakeholders.
  • Perform meeting administrative assistance to include meeting scheduling, inviting potential meeting members, conference room scheduling, conference room preparation, preparing video and/or telephone connections for remote meeting attendees, and any other meeting management requirements.
  • Document all personally developed analytics work in detail, usually in a worksheet of an Excel spreadsheet.
  • After given a requirement for an analytical study, access Agency standard information systems to download required reports or ad hoc reports. Use other data gathering means as necessary. Develop the logic and programming necessary to download simple to moderately difficult ad hoc reports to produce the data sets necessary for the required subsequent analytics. Downloads may be up to approximately 100,000 rows and 20 columns of data in Excel format. Choose and perform the statistical analysis of data consistent with that taught in a university undergraduate first course in Statistics. This includes computations of averages, medians, percentiles, and regression analyses.
  • Prepare presentation graphics and short papers describing the findings.
  • Document all personally developed analytics work in detail, usually in a worksheet of an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Actively participate in and contribute to CPO meetings.
  • Attend meetings with stakeholders to learn their analytics requirements and provide brainstorming support for possible analytic solutions.
  • Perform literature searches after being provided either general or specific search parameters. Prepare short reports on findings.
  • Download complex ad hoc reports, after first being given the logic and programming required from a CPO member. Obtain reports from other DSCA offices from their information systems as needed.
  • Assist CPO members with performing their advanced statistical or quantitative analytics. CPO members will provide the quantitative models and logic and training (if needed).
  • Prepare presentation graphics of results of the research using PowerPoint after being given the Excel-format graphics from a CPO member.
  • Document all personally developed analytics work in detail, usually in a worksheet of an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Assist with the research findings presentations, to include preparation of meetings, preparation of viewgraphs, operation of the viewgraph projection system, etc.
  • Peer review analytics and other work products developed by others. Identify errors in logic, mathematics, writing, etc. Suggest improvements. Attend and contribute to peer-review meetings.
  • Recommend new DSCA-related performance measures. Suggest the logic and mathematics needed to support these new performance measures. Identify the individual and organizational impacts that would result from the recommended new performance measures and suggest how to manage the impacts.




  • 4-5 years working with U.S. Government processes
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited college or university, preferred.
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Date Posted: 2/28/2018

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